Co-Chairs & Panel Members

Peter J. Mazzone, M.D., MPH

Director, Lung Cancer Program, Respiratory Institute

Director, Lung Cancer Screening Program
Cleveland Clinic

Peter Mazzone is a pulmonologist at the Cleveland Clinic where he directs the Lung Cancer Program for the Respiratory Institute and the Lung Cancer Screening Program for the hospital system. His clinical interests include prevention, screening, nodule management, lung cancer diagnosis, staging, and characterization. He has research interests in each of these clinical areas, including work on the development of molecular biomarkers for lung cancer detection. He has served in leadership positions within Chest and the American Thoracic Society which have allowed him to lead policy development projects related to quality metrics for the evaluation of lung cancer, components necessary for high-quality lung cancer screening, and the clinical application of molecular biomarkers for lung cancer detection. He has also been an active member of evidence-based guidelines related to lung cancer screening and lung nodule management.

Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic health system is an academic multi-specialty group practice.

Program Structure

Centralized: SDM and orders performed by dedicated LCS program personnel

Program Governance Structure

Pulmonary with close partnership with Radiology

Type of Tracking System

Internal registries implementing a purchased patient management software package

Unique Population Served by Program