Comparison of Benefits and Harms of 3 Controversial Cancer Tests.

Observed Outcomes After 6.5 Years of Follow-up, per 1,000 Participants Among Individuals Who Underwent 3 Annual Screenings with Low-DowsComputed Tomography
365 Particpants has a t least 1 false-psitive result.
25 participants had a false-positive result leading to an invasive procedure.
3 participants had a false-positive result experienced a major complication of a procedure.
3-5 particpants were overdiagnosed with lung cancer.
Approximately 3 deaths from lung cancer were prevented.

Source: Data from the National Lung Screening trial Research Team [19] and Patx et all [2].

Controversy in cancer screening dol: 10.18043/ncm.75.4.253
North Carolina Medical Journal July-August 2014. vol. 75 no. 4 253-256